Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Reason Why I love living where I do

Where you live is what you make it. I do have moments where I'm sad and I call my friend Jose who still lives in L.A., and I whine to him about how much I miss L.A. and how I can't wait to move back.  Even though those moments exist, I can't deny the fact that I really do love living in this small town. After all, when I was in L.A., I had moments where I would dream about the things that come with living up here that I didn't get in L.A.- beautiful mountain scenery, real dirt, grass and nature. The opportunity to go out in the middle of nature and be completely alone next to a river or on top of a mountain. So I really enjoy moments that I have where I realize I'm actually living in the middle of that longing for a small town, not just dreaming about it.
These moments that I realize I love living here especially come when I see things like this spare tire cover on the back of someone's jeep as I pull into the Walmart parking lot. Because there is no way I would see this in L.A. Other things I see that help me realize I love living here include the multitude of men (many with beards) wearing camo hats, or camo shirts, or camo jackets, or camo boots. Where else, where else? Certainly not in L.A. Although I'm not going to wear camo attire, I certainly have an appreciation of the fact that only in a town like mine will I live around people who do wear camo, or who have a mountain scene painted on their spare tire cover. It just goes to show that where ever you go, people are different, people are unique and people are one-of-a-kind. So maybe one day, when I'm a famous actress and I live in L.A. again, I'll be writing about people who hold themselves to a vegan lifestyle and eat sushi and wear fancy shoes, but right now I prefer to write about people who wear camouflage. It's so special, because it's where I live.
People are special, and I hope that you can find a special appreciation for those around your life :)

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  1. i love this!!! you have lived in amazing places! :)