Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Friend, Luis Solano

Name: Luis Solano
Age: 21
Favorite Color: "I don't really have a favorite color, but I like blue, red and green; those are my top 3."
Top Favorite Things To Do In The World: "I like to go long boarding, I like to make videos, I like drawing, camping- which I want to do more of."
What He Wants The World To Know: "That it's not a cold dark place."
Favorite Movie: "It changes all the time."
Last Favorite Movie: "The Muppets"
Favorite Thing About Himself: "That within 4 months I'm moving to a new place again."
Me: "Isn't your favorite movie 180 Degrees South?"
Luis: "Ohh ya! I do like that movie a lot! That is one of my favorites!"
Other Notes: "I got a harmonica! I'm going to learn how to play it! I'm going to become a professional harmonica player! And when you learn how to play your banjo, we'll start a band!"

     Today I went with my friend Luis to the Artisan Cafe. The weather is unusually warm and nice for this time of year, so we sat out on the metal chairs in the sun and talked about the clouds and the mountains as we sipped our drinks. Luis is a really good guy and I feel comfortable around him. I feel like we just talk about stuff, about life, about whatever and it's not just centered around one topic or merely for the sake of making conversation. I genuinely care about what he has to say and I feel like he genuinely cares about what I have to say. I absolutely love that I can comment on how I think the mountains look really pretty from where we were at and not feel dumb; consequently, I love that he can comment on how the clouds at that moment make the sky look like it's stretched out. Luis has a nice eye.
     I always smile when I'm spending time with Luis. I am genuinely thankful that he has lived here for the past 5 months. A couple of years ago, who would have thought that Luis Solano would live in Susanville? Not me! But it was such a joy to come back home and have him living here and have him to go walking down the Bizz Johnson Trail with or to watch movies with or to sit next to in Art History and Film. I will miss living on the same street as him (as well as in the same town) when he moves 2 hours away tomorrow, but I am very glad for him. It has been a beautiful season having him here in my life, but I know that he is moving into a fresh new season of his life as he transfers his dwelling place from here to there.
Luis is a mobile man.
Like an R.V.
Luis is an R.V.

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