Sunday, January 8, 2012

BFFs For Life: Ashley Clemons

Me: I'm not feeling sentimental right now. I can't write. I can only write when I'm feeling sentimental.
Ashley: Brittany... your eyes sparkle like the sun.

That does it. I can write now.
I'm currently visiting my friends in Nampa, ID for a few days, and Ashley, our best friend Bethany and I are all sitting at the Flying M Coffee Garage, sipping beverages. They are the two friends that I can honestly say that we are NUTS around each other. But who knows, they could be nuts anyways when I'm not around. But at any rate, I love them very much. However, I will specifically write about Bethany on a tomorrow's post.

So, there are people that I feel really sentimental towards, or really acquaintedly kind towards, but Ashley is someone who is in my heart all of the time and we don't even have to catch up because we're already caught up. Even though she lives in Nampa now and I live in Susanville now, it still feels like the normal to be with her. She brings me so much joy.
This is my description of Ashley:
Ashley puts up her fingers in two peace signs, squints and screams "Yomi!" She throws head back in a thrust, her mouth wide open, yet no noises are coming out.

Ashley and I laugh our heads off together.

I love how she always wears rings on her fingers and bracelets on her wrists.

When we first met, I though she hated me. We were suite mates, and I was super obnoxious and she was super soft, gentle and quiet. But as time grew on, she taught me how to be more soft and gentle and I've had the privilege of watching her heart grow in the Lord and watching her bloom into such a crazy confident woman of God. She is so sweet and so precious, but she is one of the strongest women I know.

I love being with her and her family, because they are all so sweet and so happy and so goofy to each other. I love the way they interact, and I can see the way that they love her so much. They are goofballs.

The year is now 2012. Both of our lives are a lot different than they were 3 years ago, and we have had the privilege of being a part of each other's lives. I just really feel in my heart for Ashley that she is entering into the beginning of a brand new season... not one that's a fun version of the old season, or one that is similar to the old one, but a fresh and brand new season. Like here's the mark of her last season up until now, and if there as a line where on the left side shows the old season and on the right side is the brand new season, then Ashley is on the right side of the line and facing forward and not even connected to the old season anymore. She has a lot in store for her as she goes forward. I want her heart to feel this and to be refreshed and renewed and to go forward, because she is so wonderful!!!

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