Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I've Got a Friend. Many of them actually. They are special!

     I recently moved back to my small hometown in Northern California after living in Los Angeles for 3 years, where I was constantly surrounded by an abundance of people, and certainly an abundance of diverse people. I loved it. The season I am in now, though, back here in my hometown, is much different. I am now taking classes at school, I acquired a job as a barista at Starbucks and I am spending lots of time with my family. Learning to enjoy this season, and even grow in it, is a beautiful process that I am discovering. What I am discovering in the midst of it is that people are beautiful. I've always known and felt this, but for some reason I am discovering it in an even more special way. Maybe it’s because there’s not such a crowd of people here. Maybe it has something to do with serving people special beverages every day just the way they like it. Or maybe I'm growing. Or maybe I'm realizing that more and more, people are really what matter, more so than what you "do". Whatever the reason, I want to record the people in my life that I get to encounter, show how special they are, and reveal their heart. The first friend will be posted soon, as soon as she can unwind after her long first day back at work. 


  1. wow this is going to be such a great blog! i love your motive behind it and it is very inspiring to hear that you count each person as special! best of luck with the blog!!


  2. Mmmmm starbucks! What a nice place to work :-D



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  4. oh how i love your heart, brittany! welcome to blogging and i am going to enjoy reading!!