Monday, January 9, 2012

My Friend, Bethany Whaley

Name: "Bethany Faith Whaley"
Occupation: "Student"
Height: 5'9"
Age: "21 and 358 days, as of today"
How does it feel to be almost 22 before everyone else called your two best friends named Ashley and Brittany? "Mmm... pretty sweet. I'm pretty much the center of the world. But don't say that because it makes me sound like a terrible person."
(discussion follows this)
Tell me about your homeland: "America?"
Haha, no Idaho: "It's homey and friendly and it's not too fast paced, it doesn't kill it's residents."
What city kills it's residence...? "L.A."
Sideways glance from me to her.
Discussion follows this.
After which, we smile and giggle at each other. She sips her free coffee. I sip my partner discounted coffee. (Can you guess where we are?)
Favorite thing to do ever: "Read"
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Harry Potter: "Or Pirates of the Caribbean?"
That's not like the same thing though: "But it's my favorite."
(She gasps): "Room for Cream!"
What? "That will be my blog's name."
That's it. I really feel in my spirit it should be that: "Oh! This name is not available."
I just wrote down everything we were talking about. Even the name thing: "Is that going to be the whole blog about me?"
No, I'm still going to write something sentimental about you: "Okay good. I was going to say, after what you wrote about Ashley..."

Our friendship has been a long road, and it is slightly ironic that we are such good friends now. We were roommates our first year in Los Angeles, and we definitely had our rough moments... like the time we were in an argument- a highly unnecessarily escalated argument- and we said some God-forsaken things to each other, or the time I thought she had shut the bathroom door when I was in the shower... Good times, good times. But like many good times, they are the type of good times that are only good times when you look back at them from a current point in which you both share a very high affection towards each other, unlike during the times you are looking back on. Ha, just kidding. I'm sure we were very affectionate towards each other back in those days. In fact, I'm positive that all of those experiences that we had are what helped shape our friendship.
Bethany is very loud and she likes to have a good time. People have often misjudged her due to the volume of her voice, but there has actually never been any reason for misjudgments, because Bethany is a very personable human. She's very comfortable being her, and the loving way that she builds friendships causes those friendships to mean a whole lot and to be very deep. If Bethany cares about you, she really cares about you (...henceforth implying that she doesn't give a rip about anyone else...? Haha, not at all). She is very affectionate, but she also has a side that is extremely crazy and obnoxious. A side that makes you want to pick on her and she'll pick on you right back (as was the case yesterday, but Ashley and I took it too far... we were mean. But then we all ate at Winger's and our relationship was restored).
Bethany carries a lot of wisdom, they're like little nuggets that you wouldn't even guess were there but then you receive them and you're better for it, and your love for her is better for it. Very much of my growth in the last 3 years is because of the wisdom she has given me. Bethany Whaley's heart is in such a good place, and I am grateful for that. So no matter how many times during our year as roommates that she may have stormed down the hallway to go vent to someone about how angry she was because of me, I look forward to the years of friendship ahead of us that she and I have together.

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