Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Friend, Doctor

Name: Ikky, or Zeke, or Doctor, or anything else
Favorite color: “Iiiiii like blue, red, white and black.”
We are in the cafeteria. He runs off to grab his food and comes back. “These things are like little pieces of heaven!” He says.
“What are they?” I say.
“Potato wedges. These things need salt.”
“What is your real name?” I ask
 “Is this why you’re conducting the interview, to find out my real name? If you were in one of my classes, you would know what people are calling me nowadays. Right now I like Von.”
“Did you know in down south, Safeway is called Vons?”

Our conversation is really goofy, as is the case most of the time, and he tells me that if I just include a lot of “Fantastics, charmings and super awesomes” then “people will know you are talking about me.”

So let’s get this started: Doctor (as known by me, thanks to a girl named Kristina Z.) is sooooo FANTASTIC. He walks around being himself, wearing suspenders and suit jackets and little bow ties, which is very CHARMING. Actually, this little bow tie as seen today is new to me. I have not yet seen him wearing one. I think it’s SUPER AWESOME the way Doctor dresses, because it shows his individualism and that he is 100% himself. 

He is also very kind. One day, we were in the bookstore and I pointed out a pen, mentioning that it was really pretty and it looks like it would write nicely. 30 minutes later, guess what he produces from his pocket as a surprise to give to me? The pen! He had secretly bought it when I left. It shocked me. It was so very kind of him.

I love the variety of people that I get to see at school. I’m thankful that I know them, because if it wasn’t for school, I probably wouldn’t know them. It’s always a joy to go to school knowing that I will get to see these people, Doctor being one of them. It’s very kind that he enjoys being around me, enough so that he complains to me that I haven’t been around enough lately. He is actually the reason I wanted to start this blog, because the kind pen incident made me pause and think, “Oh, wow, am I taking these friends in my life for granted?”

Doctor is CHARMINGLY FANTASTIC and AWESOMELY SUPER and SUPER AWESOME!! You should get to know him more if you do happen to know who he is.

The bow tie and suspenders

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Reason Why I love living where I do

Where you live is what you make it. I do have moments where I'm sad and I call my friend Jose who still lives in L.A., and I whine to him about how much I miss L.A. and how I can't wait to move back.  Even though those moments exist, I can't deny the fact that I really do love living in this small town. After all, when I was in L.A., I had moments where I would dream about the things that come with living up here that I didn't get in L.A.- beautiful mountain scenery, real dirt, grass and nature. The opportunity to go out in the middle of nature and be completely alone next to a river or on top of a mountain. So I really enjoy moments that I have where I realize I'm actually living in the middle of that longing for a small town, not just dreaming about it.
These moments that I realize I love living here especially come when I see things like this spare tire cover on the back of someone's jeep as I pull into the Walmart parking lot. Because there is no way I would see this in L.A. Other things I see that help me realize I love living here include the multitude of men (many with beards) wearing camo hats, or camo shirts, or camo jackets, or camo boots. Where else, where else? Certainly not in L.A. Although I'm not going to wear camo attire, I certainly have an appreciation of the fact that only in a town like mine will I live around people who do wear camo, or who have a mountain scene painted on their spare tire cover. It just goes to show that where ever you go, people are different, people are unique and people are one-of-a-kind. So maybe one day, when I'm a famous actress and I live in L.A. again, I'll be writing about people who hold themselves to a vegan lifestyle and eat sushi and wear fancy shoes, but right now I prefer to write about people who wear camouflage. It's so special, because it's where I live.
People are special, and I hope that you can find a special appreciation for those around your life :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dorothy Neely: A+ in Friendship

Name: Dorothy Neely

I'm sitting next to Dorothy Neely at the cash register in the college bookstore, asking her questions in between customer transactions. A tall guy with a beard and a camo hat on comes up to the register.
"Hello!" Dorothy says. "87 cents!"
He gives her the money and spots the handmade sign Dorothy and I left laying on the counter.
"I get an A+ in friendship!" Dorothy proclaims to him, "What do you get??"
"I get a D." The guy replies.
We all laugh.

Dorothy is so busy helping customers at the register. I squeeze in a Q.
"Favorite color?"
We laugh, and she says, "What??"
I say, these are going to be dumb questions.

I look at her as she works the reg. She knows exactly what she is doing in her job. As she talks to the customer, I think about how the operations of the college (or any large institution involving people and money) stress me out. But she just works and is absolutely free in everything she does.

I like that I'm not going to write something about Dorothy like I wrote for Luis, because every person is different, and the way you interact with them is different. I didn't really schedule this time with her, I just showed up because I need to pick up my books for class anyway. And that's what I like about Dorothy- I can just show up and say hi to her and it's always super duper encouraging no matter what. There are positive results when you are in the presence of great people.

People are in line, so I pause to get a vanilla latte. I come back to the register and ask Dorothy if she's stressed.
"Not really," she replies, "I just feel others getting anxious and I'm just like, there's no reason for us to get this way. The guy is still standing here and he's just fine."

After she goes up the stairs to grab something and comes back down, I ask her what her favorite things to do are.
"Sing, spend time with Jesus. I like to do that kind of thing!"
Her most relaxing thing is drinking coffee.
Her favorite TV show is Glee, and she finds it hilarious that it influences her. She tells me about her love for it: "I was like, 'I'm going to treat everyone at work just like she does!!'"

Dorothy is an amazing person. She has free spirits where ever she goes. She works in the college coffee shop and bookstore, where she spreads joy and freedom to her coworkers and the students at school. Prior to this season of her life, she spent a year in Mexico doing a program called "Cocreating Art"- in which she taught children prophetic art. Before that, she went through Bible School. Dorothy loves life, and she is always seeking to get closer to God. She paints, and she paints splendidly. Her artwork is absolutely lovely.

I love spending time with her, and I love laughing with her. Her passion for life and joy and God inspires me, and being around her helped me get over a bump in my life where I wasn't making the healthiest decisions for myself. She continues to encourage me, and I continue enjoying every moment spent with her, even if it is just a pop in, sporadic moment. I could better say, especially if it is a pop in, sporadic moment. Those are always the best, and the most spirit-lifting.

Thank you, Dorothy, for being you.

Inspiring art by Dorothy Neely

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Friend, Bethany Whaley

Name: "Bethany Faith Whaley"
Occupation: "Student"
Height: 5'9"
Age: "21 and 358 days, as of today"
How does it feel to be almost 22 before everyone else called your two best friends named Ashley and Brittany? "Mmm... pretty sweet. I'm pretty much the center of the world. But don't say that because it makes me sound like a terrible person."
(discussion follows this)
Tell me about your homeland: "America?"
Haha, no Idaho: "It's homey and friendly and it's not too fast paced, it doesn't kill it's residents."
What city kills it's residence...? "L.A."
Sideways glance from me to her.
Discussion follows this.
After which, we smile and giggle at each other. She sips her free coffee. I sip my partner discounted coffee. (Can you guess where we are?)
Favorite thing to do ever: "Read"
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Harry Potter: "Or Pirates of the Caribbean?"
That's not like the same thing though: "But it's my favorite."
(She gasps): "Room for Cream!"
What? "That will be my blog's name."
That's it. I really feel in my spirit it should be that: "Oh! This name is not available."
I just wrote down everything we were talking about. Even the name thing: "Is that going to be the whole blog about me?"
No, I'm still going to write something sentimental about you: "Okay good. I was going to say, after what you wrote about Ashley..."

Our friendship has been a long road, and it is slightly ironic that we are such good friends now. We were roommates our first year in Los Angeles, and we definitely had our rough moments... like the time we were in an argument- a highly unnecessarily escalated argument- and we said some God-forsaken things to each other, or the time I thought she had shut the bathroom door when I was in the shower... Good times, good times. But like many good times, they are the type of good times that are only good times when you look back at them from a current point in which you both share a very high affection towards each other, unlike during the times you are looking back on. Ha, just kidding. I'm sure we were very affectionate towards each other back in those days. In fact, I'm positive that all of those experiences that we had are what helped shape our friendship.
Bethany is very loud and she likes to have a good time. People have often misjudged her due to the volume of her voice, but there has actually never been any reason for misjudgments, because Bethany is a very personable human. She's very comfortable being her, and the loving way that she builds friendships causes those friendships to mean a whole lot and to be very deep. If Bethany cares about you, she really cares about you (...henceforth implying that she doesn't give a rip about anyone else...? Haha, not at all). She is very affectionate, but she also has a side that is extremely crazy and obnoxious. A side that makes you want to pick on her and she'll pick on you right back (as was the case yesterday, but Ashley and I took it too far... we were mean. But then we all ate at Winger's and our relationship was restored).
Bethany carries a lot of wisdom, they're like little nuggets that you wouldn't even guess were there but then you receive them and you're better for it, and your love for her is better for it. Very much of my growth in the last 3 years is because of the wisdom she has given me. Bethany Whaley's heart is in such a good place, and I am grateful for that. So no matter how many times during our year as roommates that she may have stormed down the hallway to go vent to someone about how angry she was because of me, I look forward to the years of friendship ahead of us that she and I have together.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

BFFs For Life: Ashley Clemons

Me: I'm not feeling sentimental right now. I can't write. I can only write when I'm feeling sentimental.
Ashley: Brittany... your eyes sparkle like the sun.

That does it. I can write now.
I'm currently visiting my friends in Nampa, ID for a few days, and Ashley, our best friend Bethany and I are all sitting at the Flying M Coffee Garage, sipping beverages. They are the two friends that I can honestly say that we are NUTS around each other. But who knows, they could be nuts anyways when I'm not around. But at any rate, I love them very much. However, I will specifically write about Bethany on a tomorrow's post.

So, there are people that I feel really sentimental towards, or really acquaintedly kind towards, but Ashley is someone who is in my heart all of the time and we don't even have to catch up because we're already caught up. Even though she lives in Nampa now and I live in Susanville now, it still feels like the normal to be with her. She brings me so much joy.
This is my description of Ashley:
Ashley puts up her fingers in two peace signs, squints and screams "Yomi!" She throws head back in a thrust, her mouth wide open, yet no noises are coming out.

Ashley and I laugh our heads off together.

I love how she always wears rings on her fingers and bracelets on her wrists.

When we first met, I though she hated me. We were suite mates, and I was super obnoxious and she was super soft, gentle and quiet. But as time grew on, she taught me how to be more soft and gentle and I've had the privilege of watching her heart grow in the Lord and watching her bloom into such a crazy confident woman of God. She is so sweet and so precious, but she is one of the strongest women I know.

I love being with her and her family, because they are all so sweet and so happy and so goofy to each other. I love the way they interact, and I can see the way that they love her so much. They are goofballs.

The year is now 2012. Both of our lives are a lot different than they were 3 years ago, and we have had the privilege of being a part of each other's lives. I just really feel in my heart for Ashley that she is entering into the beginning of a brand new season... not one that's a fun version of the old season, or one that is similar to the old one, but a fresh and brand new season. Like here's the mark of her last season up until now, and if there as a line where on the left side shows the old season and on the right side is the brand new season, then Ashley is on the right side of the line and facing forward and not even connected to the old season anymore. She has a lot in store for her as she goes forward. I want her heart to feel this and to be refreshed and renewed and to go forward, because she is so wonderful!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Friend, Luis Solano

Name: Luis Solano
Age: 21
Favorite Color: "I don't really have a favorite color, but I like blue, red and green; those are my top 3."
Top Favorite Things To Do In The World: "I like to go long boarding, I like to make videos, I like drawing, camping- which I want to do more of."
What He Wants The World To Know: "That it's not a cold dark place."
Favorite Movie: "It changes all the time."
Last Favorite Movie: "The Muppets"
Favorite Thing About Himself: "That within 4 months I'm moving to a new place again."
Me: "Isn't your favorite movie 180 Degrees South?"
Luis: "Ohh ya! I do like that movie a lot! That is one of my favorites!"
Other Notes: "I got a harmonica! I'm going to learn how to play it! I'm going to become a professional harmonica player! And when you learn how to play your banjo, we'll start a band!"

     Today I went with my friend Luis to the Artisan Cafe. The weather is unusually warm and nice for this time of year, so we sat out on the metal chairs in the sun and talked about the clouds and the mountains as we sipped our drinks. Luis is a really good guy and I feel comfortable around him. I feel like we just talk about stuff, about life, about whatever and it's not just centered around one topic or merely for the sake of making conversation. I genuinely care about what he has to say and I feel like he genuinely cares about what I have to say. I absolutely love that I can comment on how I think the mountains look really pretty from where we were at and not feel dumb; consequently, I love that he can comment on how the clouds at that moment make the sky look like it's stretched out. Luis has a nice eye.
     I always smile when I'm spending time with Luis. I am genuinely thankful that he has lived here for the past 5 months. A couple of years ago, who would have thought that Luis Solano would live in Susanville? Not me! But it was such a joy to come back home and have him living here and have him to go walking down the Bizz Johnson Trail with or to watch movies with or to sit next to in Art History and Film. I will miss living on the same street as him (as well as in the same town) when he moves 2 hours away tomorrow, but I am very glad for him. It has been a beautiful season having him here in my life, but I know that he is moving into a fresh new season of his life as he transfers his dwelling place from here to there.
Luis is a mobile man.
Like an R.V.
Luis is an R.V.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I've Got a Friend. Many of them actually. They are special!

     I recently moved back to my small hometown in Northern California after living in Los Angeles for 3 years, where I was constantly surrounded by an abundance of people, and certainly an abundance of diverse people. I loved it. The season I am in now, though, back here in my hometown, is much different. I am now taking classes at school, I acquired a job as a barista at Starbucks and I am spending lots of time with my family. Learning to enjoy this season, and even grow in it, is a beautiful process that I am discovering. What I am discovering in the midst of it is that people are beautiful. I've always known and felt this, but for some reason I am discovering it in an even more special way. Maybe it’s because there’s not such a crowd of people here. Maybe it has something to do with serving people special beverages every day just the way they like it. Or maybe I'm growing. Or maybe I'm realizing that more and more, people are really what matter, more so than what you "do". Whatever the reason, I want to record the people in my life that I get to encounter, show how special they are, and reveal their heart. The first friend will be posted soon, as soon as she can unwind after her long first day back at work.