Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Friend, Doctor

Name: Ikky, or Zeke, or Doctor, or anything else
Favorite color: “Iiiiii like blue, red, white and black.”
We are in the cafeteria. He runs off to grab his food and comes back. “These things are like little pieces of heaven!” He says.
“What are they?” I say.
“Potato wedges. These things need salt.”
“What is your real name?” I ask
 “Is this why you’re conducting the interview, to find out my real name? If you were in one of my classes, you would know what people are calling me nowadays. Right now I like Von.”
“Did you know in down south, Safeway is called Vons?”

Our conversation is really goofy, as is the case most of the time, and he tells me that if I just include a lot of “Fantastics, charmings and super awesomes” then “people will know you are talking about me.”

So let’s get this started: Doctor (as known by me, thanks to a girl named Kristina Z.) is sooooo FANTASTIC. He walks around being himself, wearing suspenders and suit jackets and little bow ties, which is very CHARMING. Actually, this little bow tie as seen today is new to me. I have not yet seen him wearing one. I think it’s SUPER AWESOME the way Doctor dresses, because it shows his individualism and that he is 100% himself. 

He is also very kind. One day, we were in the bookstore and I pointed out a pen, mentioning that it was really pretty and it looks like it would write nicely. 30 minutes later, guess what he produces from his pocket as a surprise to give to me? The pen! He had secretly bought it when I left. It shocked me. It was so very kind of him.

I love the variety of people that I get to see at school. I’m thankful that I know them, because if it wasn’t for school, I probably wouldn’t know them. It’s always a joy to go to school knowing that I will get to see these people, Doctor being one of them. It’s very kind that he enjoys being around me, enough so that he complains to me that I haven’t been around enough lately. He is actually the reason I wanted to start this blog, because the kind pen incident made me pause and think, “Oh, wow, am I taking these friends in my life for granted?”

Doctor is CHARMINGLY FANTASTIC and AWESOMELY SUPER and SUPER AWESOME!! You should get to know him more if you do happen to know who he is.

The bow tie and suspenders


  1. fun blog!

    1. Thank you! I also enjoyed looking at yours! You are so active and fun!

  2. One of my favorite people as well ;0)...Thanks for sharing Brilliant Brittany!